Thursday, August 8, 2019

The book of Eli argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The book of Eli argument - Research Paper Example It had a lot of in depth detail about the way it played out its characters into the movie. The movie had a lot of enigmatic scenes and the storyline was beautifully depicted and played out. Denzel Washington plays the role of a warrior in the movie He depicts this role to utter perfection where every scene has been carved out of supreme control and smoothness so as to reflect the true nature of the given situation. Denzel Washington spends his time travelling in the movie. He is travelling across an eerie landscape in the movie. He does this by maintaining huge amounts of concentration and dedication to work things out for him. The brown, dusty environs look familiar and not, dotted with abandoned cars and the occasional corpse. Eli feels at home when he is travelling around the place. He feels that he is a state of Trans. When Eli pauses, the camera settles near his feet, and the sky opens above him like a sheltering hand. With his green jacket and unsmiling mouth, he looks like a v eteran of an unknown war, a soldier of misfortune — though, given the fog of religiosity that hangs over the movie, he might be an avenging angel. He is a master of his own destiny in the movie. He has taken the road which is tougher to ride on, and still he carried on so amazingly that it looked as if he was provided the brief to do the act. . The main script of the movie was based on the writings of Gary Whitta and the Hughes Brothers have played an excellent role in converting the same into a storyline that has been acted out very professionally and promisingly. On its opening weekend, the movie ranked number 2 after avatar which is a very big achievement considering there were other box office releases that weekend as well. What made the movie so intact and tight was the sense of direction that had been placed emphasis upon. The Hughes Brothers have been successful in inserting fresh aspects and outlooks into the way most people view the post apocalyptic era of America to day, in the modern day and age. The direction has helped to provide a different spin on the movie and had received positive reviews by critics worldwide. The movie helped to grip the attention of the audience and Washington played his role to the best of his abilities, being one of the main reasons that the movie was so widely accepted and gained popularity. There are many scenes full of suspense which astonish the audience to a great extent and leave them longing for more. In conclusion, the Book of Eli received a vast amount of positive criticism from far and wide mostly because of the fresh spin that its directors placed on the style and way that the movie was narrated as well as the acting roles played by actors like Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington. Even though many movie goers argued that the movie did not satisfy their desire for action, most derived the fact that this movie provided for an excellent dose of excitement and chills which left the people wanting even more. With excellent shooting done with high end digital cameras, the audience found it extremely comfortable to sit through the various effects and watch every moment of the movie and absorb it within so as to understand the kind of situation the

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