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Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “The role of religion” Essay

Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of â€Å"The case for contamination† focuses on three main interrelated issues throw out his essay. Globalization, cultural diversity, and ethical consideration. Religion plays two major roles within this issues, claims made by people in favor of globalization and those against it. Religion can be used positively to protect culture in the idea of globalization, in the same way it can be a double-edge sword when relating to the role it plays in the issues at hand. Religion is a great way for individuals to keep in touch with their traditions as the process of globalization gets larger. Sipho is a very religiouse Zulu man, from the province of South Africa of KwaZulu-Natal. He was raised with strong traditions from his culture, but still has encounter and been affected by globalization in ways such as the television. He was heavily influenced by the soap opera â€Å"Days of Our Lives.† Sipho explains how the show helped him fix his relationshi p with his father, but certain aspects of the show like women dating before 20 were still completely unacceptable as it went against his believes and those of his people (Appiah 40). The role of religion in the process of globalization can also harm the situation. Preservationists fear globalization, and are scared it will negatively impact they’re culture. Every single human life is different from one another. We range from sex, religion and different cultural backgrounds, but still were all connected to one another no matter how we look at it, as deep inside were all the same. Whether it be throw media or conversation, were constantly being exposed to new ideas that help us transition better to change. Conversation is an important factor in social growth. We must learn what every individuals definition of living a normal life is before we can open our minds and learn to tolerate each other’s different rituals and ideals. Appiah is not saying to agree with every other cultural practice u come across, but throw conversation we can see different views on the  subject and grow to accept the values of our fellow brothers and sisters. Liberal cosmopolitanism is based on the premise of universal human dignity. It follows the idea that every human being has responsibilities to every other. Appiah’s father was a patriot of Ghana, Appiah explains how he remembers his father’s teaching that he was a citizen of the world. That he should work for the good of the places where he set tent, weather it had been for just a moment or a lifetime. Appiah is highly critical about emphasizing how humans can learn from the open mind examinations of alternative achievements. He recognizes the important values of localism and moderate nationalism. In his paper he quotes his favorite philosopher John Stuart Mill: â€Å"there is no nation that doesn’t need to borrow from others, not only particular arts or practices, but essential points of character in which its own type is inferior† (Appiah 62). Appiah believes humans have a common nature ranging from individual variations. This idea relates to his criticism of moral relativism. It is expected for principles like toleration, individualism, and benevolence to be of universal acceptance as the basics of a civilize organization, yet it’s 2015 and we still see countries killing one another for religious believes or being underappreciated for their sex or race.A proverb from Ghana Appiah’s home town renders: â€Å"In a single political order there is no wisdom† (Kuro koro mu mni nyansa.) In this world, there are so many different cultures and ethicnicities that it is impossible for us to decide what the correct way of living actually is. Another great example Appiah gives us on how society has changed in the last twenty years, look at the ideals behind gay marriage. Not too long ago Homosexuality was always kept hidden from everyone as it was viewed wrong. Now it is legal in most states to the point where they can actually get married. It’s a fact that as people become more confident about themselves it becomes more acceptable the more time passes by. When a person opens they’re mind towards the views of another they will come to peace in mind, as there is no right or wrong answer to any believe or tradition. Religion is a gate for us to feel at peace mentally and spiritually. Is a beautiful thing rich in faith and values, but with so many different believes all over the world no matter what our believes are it is crucial for us to love and accept one another.  In the end, were humans and all the same inside and out. Work Cited 1. Appiah, Kwame Anthony. â€Å"The Case For Contamination.† The New York Times. 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