Saturday, August 24, 2019

Business and Professional Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business and Professional Communication - Essay Example Unlike boys, girls master how to negotiate in a manner that balances their personal needs with those of their peers from childhood. The lessons that people learn during their childhood usually infiltrate into the workplace (Tannen 140). Women tend to use collective pronouns such us â€Å"we† in scenarios where men us â€Å"I†, which makes men most likely to get credit in the workplace for their work. As such, linguistic approach, including pronoun selection determines who gets acknowledged (Tannen 140). Men emerge very insightful of power dynamics when communicating, always attempting to be the ones who control the communication process. On the other hand, women are more accustomed to respond sturdily to relationship dynamic. They often focus on saving other people’s faces (141). One’s mode of speaking reflects who they are and who they aspire to be (Tannen 141). The verbal behavior of an individual determines his or her confidence level. Studies indicate that females are prone to downplaying their certainties whereas men have highest probability to diminish their doubt (Tannen 142). Gender interplays with cultural and individual characteristics in determining one’s propensity to ask questions. Men are less likely to ask questions compared to women because they always want to be one-up (Tannen 142). Societal culture makes conversation a ritual by dictating how individuals speak. The likelihood of a person to get hired depends on the level of his or her ritual o pposition (144). Besides actual authority, which comes from one’s organizational rank, actual authority relies on one’s ability to negotiate effectively. The negotiation skills and power determines the effectiveness of a manager (Tannen 145). Tannen emphasizes that â€Å"people in powerful positions are likely to reward linguistic styles similar to their own† (146). An effective manager needs to be familiar with all communication dynamics in order to

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