Sunday, August 11, 2019

Discussion Board 7-1 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board 7-1 - Research Paper Example Test administrators began by ensuring that test takers who were ostensibly adolescents understood the purpose of the measurements. In addition, test administrators informed the students about their rights throughout the test process. The measurement process used scales, including Morally Debatable Behaviors Scale-Revised (MDBS-R) for rating attitudes, emotions and other behaviors (Cohen, Swerdlik & Sturman, 2013). The psychological measurement session also employed the use of the Likert scale that enabled critical understanding of specific behaviors. The assessment was generally correct and successful bearing that approved individuals later demonstrated the detected characteristics. The psychological measurements conducted in the educational context to determine appropriateness of students to high school disclosed many insights about tools of measurement. One of the insight is that the interview is a very crucial assessment tool that may not miss in a psychometric. Actually, interview forms the basis of every assessment as test administrators have to interview to gather basic and vital information from clients (Cohen, Swerdlik & Sturman, 2013). Another insight is that case history data is an important source of data about test takers considering that it carries true and accurate information. During the assessment of students to join high school, medical reports, recommendation letter by elementary teachers concerning conducts and abilities of the students and academic reports acted as sources of case history data. Further insight is that Likert scale is an efficient means of measurement as it enables test takers to make quick and usually correct ranking of thei r abilities. In future when involved in psychological measurement of clients, one should consider interviewing and case history data as basic assessment tools. For quicker and inclusive assessment, an individual should consider using

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