Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Specializing On Safety Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Specializing On Safety Management - Essay Example Upon studying the PowerPoint presentation entitled â€Å"Goal Setting for Young Professionals†, the first lesson I grasped was on the essence of goals in life. The presentation was rather frank on the areas where individuals waste precious time as they engage in unyielding routine activities such waiting for others (Mark, p5). Upon understanding this perception, the next set of thoughts that were triggered upon reading the presentation is the annual evaluation attributed to a successful individual. The review focused on various topics that define a successful individual, including investment, self utilization and ambition (Mark, p2). This was further stressed by the section that points on the avenues upon which to achieve various goals, inclusive of the appropriate steps of achieving each. These lessons have had a significant contribution to my profession life, especially with regards to issues such as planning and management of issues such as time. Subsequently, they have enabled me to be able to develop a blue print of my goals and ambitions for the next couple of years. This is of significant essence since it enables one lead an organized life that is steered by ambitions and an execution time frame. Apparently, a successful career deserves to incorporate a set of ambitions and beliefs that seek to offer the avenue upon which it subscribes. These factors are anticipated to shape up the path towards apprehending my professional ambitions.

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