Friday, August 23, 2019

Implications of Leadership and Ethics on Organizational Behaviour Assignment

Implications of Leadership and Ethics on Organizational Behaviour - Assignment Example However, unlike most leaders I do not have an outgoing style or a sense of humor. My personal leadership effectiveness is perfect; however, this trait somehow affects it. To ensure that I leverage my strengths, I plan to focus more on past successful leaders and try to determine how they made their achievements. Additionally, I plan to put my strengths in every bit of practice so as to enhance them. Changing my attitude and personality in relation to my weaknesses is the only way through which I can eliminate the weaknesses I have. The only barrier to implementing these plans may be my dedication and determination to implementing them. However, I believe I have all the space and time to implement these development plans. Loyalty and respect is a key value that shapes my leadership behavior. My loyalty and respect to the organization where I work has not only improved my leadership behavior but has also enhanced my social responsibility, and help my motivate employees working under me. In addition, as a value, I often base my decisions on values and not beliefs. I believe values surpass both experiences and contexts. Therefore, the decisions I make for the organization are determined by my values and not beliefs. A reflection on Henry Mintzberg’s literary work â€Å"Beyond Selfishness† brings about the notion of a heroic manager and an engaged manager. For one to be a Heroic Manager they have to depict some form of perfection and excellence. For managers, the drive to being heroes simply involves differentiating themselves, to be who they can be. Managers who act as role models to certain individuals may still be considered heroic managers by those individuals. Being a heroic manager enables one to lead the people who admire them. In contrast, being more of a hero may become counterproductive, particularly if it dis-empowers your subjects. Generally, for mangers, occasional heroic acts may help their subjects feel they can imitate and depend on

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