Monday, August 12, 2019

Citical, structured report on fundamental marketing issues for Porsche Essay

Citical, structured report on fundamental marketing issues for Porsche automobile - Essay Example This was evidenced when the company produced a model, Porsche 911 which was among the most expensive and competitive cars ever produced in the automobile industry. It was manufactured for its customers who enjoy racing as well as status. Importantly, the organization builds three categories of cars, namely consumer models, racing models, and prototype cars. Out of all these models, the company produces more of racing cars than any other (Zoeller 2015). Because of this, the company’s primary marketing strategy is to produce cars that meet the needs of the wealthy customers. This makes it have a small market share because not all consumers can afford the cars, but at the same time increasing its profits (Zoeller 2015). The rest of the paper will discuss the Porsche Automobile marketing environment, marketing position, as well as the marketing mix. The report will conclude with the recommendation of ways the organization can increase its market share and continue its profitabilit y. Porsche Automobile has been in the market for the last eighty years, and this has given it a chance to gain brand recognition among its customers. Its high brand presence and reputation across the globe gives it the advantage. Secondly, the brand is preferred among the ultra-rich elites making the company to high price their models. Thirdly, the organization has few car models with a high range of variants making it have an advantage on brand extension. Fourthly, Porsche Automobile is a trusted brand for the provision of supreme style with sporty features. Moreover, the company has the popular brand in the racing and gaming industry and over 12,000 employees are ready to give support to customers (Company Spotlight: Porsche 2013). Porsche Automobile lacks presence in the middle-income segments despite their expansion at a higher rate (Taylor 2013). This makes the organization to loose on this market segment. Secondly, the very high maintenance cost in extremely

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