Monday, August 12, 2019

How and why do modern companies use cost accounting for sustainability Essay

How and why do modern companies use cost accounting for sustainability Refer to one or more example - Essay Example Such is the advantage that a business management team gains from the use of cost accounting. Kinney and Raiborn define cost accounting presents a mechanism of analysis of past, apparent as well as future data to deduce relevant information on the cost of all objects that is important for accurate cost management (4). Cost accountancy entails the use of costing as well as the principles of cost accounting with a central objective to ascertain profitability of a company. Costing, as part of the system, involves ensuring that business ascertains costs of all objects. In the business, cost accounting differs from financial accounting. While financial accounting presents a mechanism of reporting the financial position of a company, cost accounting is a principle that serves as a system of internal reporting of the performance of the company. The key role of undertaking cost accounting is to provide succinct cost information that company management needs to engage in planning and as a guid e for informed decision-making on company affairs. It is important to gain financial information before engaging in any business activity. All cost objects should have their cots stated as a means of informing decisions. With the development of several sustainability strategies, modern companies apply cost accounting in diverse ways. Sustainability initiatives in different parts of the world such as those aimed at introducing renewable energy in Europe directly affect the cost management of modern companies. Modern companies must acknowledge and accommodate the various sustainability initiatives that continue to shape the business environment and bring serious challenges to their continued existence and profitability. The relevance of applying cost accounting in sustainability emanates from the need to determine the cost of the different improvements, which any modern company launches to conform to sustainability requirements. The cost of the diverse forms of innovation adopted by c ompanies to initiate sustainability should be under close consideration through cost accounting. Cost accounting in sustainability entails a succinct evaluation the company’s performance by considering the extent of cost savings that may accumulate from improvements that embrace sustainability, made by the company. Cost accounting, as an important aspect of sustainability accounting, should consider the profits and returns from activities that improve on the social and environmental aspects of a company’s operations. It involves full inclusion of sustainability costs in the financial operations of modern companies. Cost accounting, as way of promoting sustainability, allows companies to choose the best and most economical practice. The choice entails a through and detailed process of consideration of cost and benchmarking of the efficiency of different improvement strategies set. In every system of accounting information, cost management contributes a vital role of pro viding relevant information that is important in the decision-making process. Sustainability accounting is a relatively recent practice that most companies undertake, however, not as part of statutory provision. Sustainable development has three vital pillars, all of which every company’

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