Sunday, August 25, 2019

Contribution of High Performance Working towards Greater Skills Essay

Contribution of High Performance Working towards Greater Skills Utilisation in UK Organisations - Essay Example The organisations are not able to fully utilised the potential and skills of the employees. Also, most of the employees are working in the position which are not compatible with their skills. All these factors have negative impact not only employees but also on organisation and in turn on whole economy. In this report an attempt has been made to analyse the extent to which high performance working in organisations can contribute towards greater skills utilisations with reference to the organisations in United Kingdom. The topic under discussion requires an organisation to develop a stimulating environment that harnesses its employee’s true working potential. By creating an environment that empowers an employee to use his skills to their maximum capacity would not only benefit the organisation (in terms of growth) but also the economy as a whole. When developing a workforce with variety of skill sets, it is of utmost importance to look at the broader picture (Dessler and Varkke y, 2009). In this broader picture the participants of the work force and the participating organisations are not the central figures. It is the economy of the country that is the central figure. Whenever, there is a demand for highly skilled workforce in the economy there arises a need to provide constant replenishment of workforce with new package of skills. When this happens the economy starts to move towards growth and prosperity. Therefore, in order to help the economy to grow and more importantly for its own growth an organisation should make endeavour that allows it to utilise its employees’ true working potential. An organisation can achieve this objective by crafting a High- Performance Work System. High-Performance Work System: A High- Performance Work System is an integrated set of human resource management policies and practices that together produces superior employee performance. Although there are no definite parameters or features of this kind of systems, but e xperts do believe that this kind of a system should comprise of the certain practices like: Employees Security, which entails job security and safety from workplace hazards and unjust employer treatment, selective hiring which involves the process of hiring individuals who fit with the work description, personality traits and organisational mission, extensive training which entails administering job specific training along with skill enhancing drills, self managed teams and decentralized decision making which in turn supports the delegation of work and authority, reduced status difference between managers and workers, information sharing i.e. Passing on the information that will help the person performing the task, contingent rewards (pay for performance) this enables the organisation to link reward with a performance goal, inspirational motivation through transformational leaders i.e. mentoring and supervision, measurement of management practices i.e. develop a departmental level S corecard to assess performance, and emphasis on high-quality work (Wood and Wall, 2007). With the help of high performance work system an organisation can achieve is several benefits and advantages. The organisation will be able to get more qualified applicants per position, there will be more employees selected based on validated selection tests, there will be more hours of training for new employees, employees will receive regular

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