Thursday, June 13, 2019

Personal Ethic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Ethic - Essay ExampleMy friends and close family relatives taught me to respect other people, show them empathy and uphold my integrity in entrap to earn respect from others. In this case, my interactions with friends are based on the ethical values and some important behaviours include calmness, cooperation and mutual trust in resolve conflicts with colleagues. Another behaviour that is important to me is the ability to listen carefully to alternative views and treat others with respect.My personal ethics implies that I am capable of making careful decisions and handling difficult situations in a group. During situations when my values are in conflict, my integrity and honest takes priority since these values enable me make the most permit decision in difficult circumstances. My personal commitment to a world of justice and equal opportunities has shaped my value priorities since integrity enables me do the right liaison and remain non-judgmental or desist from conflic ts of interest that my hinder me from making the most ethical decisions.Some of the principles that I follow include the trust, privacy, transparency, freedom of speech and conscience. I am reasonable and my personal ethics is guided by the desire to attain justice, autonomy, independence, compassion and respect for others. I can attain these ideal goals with fostering free speech, respecting individual privacy, being trustworthy and ensuring transparency. I will be courageous and I will embody justice in bon ton to make responsible choices. Some behaviours that I advocate for include fair treatment of individuals, fair justice processes, fair compensation and avoidance of bullying or abusive behaviours during conflicts.I am capable of managing situations that may not be aligned with my personal ethics by avoiding my ethical blind spots through considering my ethical principles of independence, justice, autonomy and compassion while interacting with

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