Saturday, June 22, 2019

Employee Reaction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Employee Reaction - Assignment ExampleThe level of innovation comes into focus in this case. The more innovative an employee is at the workplace, the greater the chance that he or she lead be a valuable asset to the organization. In this case, the pay for such an individual will be high. This is for the purpose of maintaining them. This is especially bearing in mind that other organizations may be looking for such individuals and offer them even greater conduct packages (WorldAtWork, 2007).The requirements of the job ought to be clearly highlighted. This is especially in the case of the employees. For this reason, the employees will apply for job positions while knowing what is in store especially in the case of their compensation. At times there is the issue of signing up for a job without the knowledge of what the implications of the job are.5. Is it relevant for employees to state the amount of compensation they would like? To a greater extent it would be relevant. This is bec ause it is the employees who know how much work they have to do and what is in store in the course of their duties. However, in most cases, the quoted figure would be high. For this reason, the management ought to negotiate with the employees on matters to do with compensation until a valid figure is reached (WorldAtWork,

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