Tuesday, June 18, 2019

E-Health Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

E-Health Program - Essay ExampleBefore the internet, if health problems were to arise in an individual, he/she was generally taken care of in the doctors office or by home remedies. If any questions were to arise about the health of yourself or others, the expertise of a doctor or nurse was generally needed.The WebMD health website is a website that has been designed to answer the questions about any amour from medications to illnesses and can easily be obtained in a matter of seconds. Also, being equal to communicate with the doctors or order prescriptions online has be to be a huge advantage. In the next few paragraphs, the advantages of WebMD services and its impact on the health care industry will be discussed.WebMD has been a huge advantage to the health care industry for many reasons, one being the use of the WebMD to inquiry medications. WebMD that contain information on any thing from medications and their uses to finding out about diseases and their causes. Everything abo ut a drug is listed from what illnesses the drug treats down to its structural formula. Studies show that 71.5% of people who used WebMD health care to do research felt more knowledgeable about their illness and the medications they were taking (Paasche-Orlow etal 2005).WebMD.com may be utilized as an extremely resourceful web scalawag to seek illnesses. Any question that the user has regarding an illness or disease is answered. This access to information is very good for people who do not make their illness and its side effects. For instance, when a doctor informs the long-suffering about their illness, many patients do not understand the doctors terminology. With WebMD.com, the patient is able to do further research about their illness in words and phrases they can understand. Communicating with Doctors OnlineThe WebMD is becoming an important alternative for patients and health care providers to share information with one another. The patient is now able to email or chat with the doctor about any questions they may have, as well as the doctor being able to inform the patient of any bran- raw(a) medications or alternative medicine that will help the healing process.Financial RamificationsThe financial ramifications of implementing the planned scope of devote will be more than enough . More than the expected increased costs of training at the complex levels, the likelihood for reimbursement for a number of the new components of the scope of practice in the majority Webmed services do not reimburse for their various services . First Responders cannot attain reimbursement. To make a new level always is in need of huge investment in time as well as cost and then not be capable enough to be reimbursed for Webmed sservices is a major issue . Opportunities for the WebMD in HealthcareClearly, one of the benefits of the WebMD is its ability to provide real-time communications with doctors without having to transport patients to and from the doctors office. This in like manner helps with

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