Thursday, June 20, 2019

A CSR for the Abu Dhabi Culture Authority Research Paper

A CSR for the Abu Dhabi Culture Authority - Research Paper physical exerciseThe impressive hotel took a total of 3 years to build and was opened in November 2005, however there were a number of restaurants and spas that were not opened until the chase year as they were not complete by the time the time hotel was opening its doors to the public (Kempinski Group). The hotel can be said to belong to the hospitality as well as luxury industry considering the expensive cost of staying in even the cheapest room available (Kempinski Group).The organization deals with the provision of room and board among otherwise various services involved in the hospitality industry and besides the provision of hotel rooms, there are a number of other facilities that are point within the structure such(prenominal) as restaurants, spas, and other sporting and health facilities that are available to those who are residing in the hotel (Kempinski Group). The building was designed by an room decorator nam ed John Elliot who was a Senior Vice President at an international firm whose main specialty was in the designing of luxury hotels called Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo. The hotel was financed and is owned by the Abu Dhabi government and is under the management of the Kempinski Group. The hotel cost 11.02 AED to build and is the second most expensive hotel in the world after the Marina Bay Sands in capital of Singapore (Kempinski Group). In total, the hotel has 92 suites as well as 302 rooms. 22 of these suites are reserved for hosting various heads of state with key public figures having stayed at the hotel before such as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Kempinski Group). The hotel has also been able to hold its own financially generating an impressive revenue of over 50 meg U.S dollars annually (Kempinski Group). The cheapest room that is available in this hotel is what is known as the Coral Room that costs $400 a night with the most expensive macrocosm the Palace Grand Suite that goes for $11500 a night (Kempinski Group).There are a number of

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