Sunday, June 9, 2019

Film Prioritization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Film Prioritization - Essay Example marriage offer 3 The family of the Echo fails on the second must objective because its subject matter includes a heroin overdose and the underworld of sex, drugs and rock and roll, so it will be unable to get a PG advisory rating. intent 6 Keiko passes all the must objectives, although from a PR standpoint the treatment of Keiko in the impression ability be an issue even though the footage was not filmed by the company. Proposal 7 Grand Island passes all the must objectives. Proposal 5 Nadia and Proposal 2 Heidi also pass all the must objectives.Now we will examine the remaining films ability to fulfil the companys want objectives. Proposal 4 has a chance to be nominated for an Academy Award because the Academy tends to select films that have a moral conscience and foretell environmental issues. It is unlikely that it will win the best picture, since it is rare for an animated feature to get the nod, but if the film is well executed it may hav e a chance. Proposal 4 passes all the rest of the companys want objectives easily. It could be especially effective in creating merchandise revenue, particularly because the goal-based plot of the movie would translate into a video game very well.Proposal 6 has a chance to be nominated for an Oscar, but it seems less likely to be nominated or to win than Proposal 4 because its plot is not as innovative (its just like Free Willy) and because it doesnt address the political concerns of the Academy as directly. It passes the remaining objectives just about as well as 4, although the projected ROI is less.Proposal 7 Grand Island has a burst chance at winning an Oscar than 6, and it probably has a slightly better chance than 4, since it is a live-action feature and it also addresses the environmental concerns that the Academy holds dear. It has difficulty going objective 2 becauseit is not animated, although it still may be possible to spin off an animated TV show.

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