Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ellen Foster Essay -- Essays Papers

Ellen FosterWhen I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy. P.1, says eleven-year-old Ellen. Thus the young narrator begins her life-story, in the process painting an extraordinary self-portrait. Ellen Foster is a powerful story of a young girl growing up in a taxing world. As one reads this work presented by Kaye Gibbons, a chill runs down their back. Ellen, the main character is faced with a hard life dealing with timeless losses, with the deaths of both her parents and her grandmother being included. Why would one get a chill you wonder? This individual has thoughts and feelings that many have never experienced and cannot express. Ellen is merely a child no older then the age of ten but if not knowing this fact, readers would think she was an aged woman who has lived their life sufficiently. In this book Ellen refers to herself many times as Old Ellen. I believe that she uses this name because throughout the book Ellen is always taking care of someone beside herself her nonreversible friend, Starletta, and her dying mother. Ellens parents die, and her grandmother dies, but this isnt really a great loss for Ellen. Her mother was a frail and sick woman whom Ellen was constantly protect from her drunken father. For a time, Ellens Art teacher, Julia, and her husband move Ellen into their home. She feels, for the first time, that she is apart of a loving family. She describes, in the book, the three of us could pass for a family on the street...

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