Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Regional-based Motor Marketing Company Targeting the Working Class Essay

A Regional-based Motor Marketing Company Targeting the Working Class - Essay Example The program will be aired for an hour's duration twice in a week commencing at 7.30pm to 8.30pm on Mondays and Fridays. The program will recognize and invite committed consumers to make their appearances during the airing of the program to publicly declare their experiences of using the products. The program is meant to be aired for a period of one year by which time the target group will be enlightened on the necessary information regarding the company and its products. A large number of automobile customers blindly go for products that may appear attractive to their eyes. This was established as the greatest problem that the customers have with buying of the products since most of them later realize that some features of the vehicles they buy fail to conform to the expectations they had placed on the products. For the sake of informing the potential customers of all the necessary information of the company's product, the radio program will prove helpful. The potential customers will be assisted to make informed choices over the products that they wish to buy since they will be armed with all the necessary information about the product. Incorporation of the consumers into the program will act to boost the confidence of the potential customers and encourage them to buy these products. This is so because the invited customers will give their personal positive testimonies of their experiences with the automobile products thus give the impression that the products are desirable. (Sewall and Sarel 2006 p32) Proposal detail Goals and objectives The following are the goals that the program would wish to accomplish. The proposal will utilize the objectives indicated below the goals in order to accomplish these goals; 1. To create awareness of the automobile products to the actual and the potential market Objectives 1.1 To inform the customers about the availability of the company's products 1.2 To enlighten the customers on the features of the different products. 1.3 To inform customers of the regional distributors from whom they can buy the products 2. To increase the consumer base to enable greater sales Objectives 2.1 To advertise the existing products to the target market to attract more customers 2.2 To create new products for the customers to have a wider variety from where to choose 3. To win dealerships from the interested distributors 3.1 To present an attractive dealership package that can encourage the prospective salespeople to venture into selling of these products 3.2 To offer a comprehensive theoretical package indicating the requirements and expectations of the dealership 3.3 To train prospective dealers on good customer handling skills Clientele The program is directed to two groups of clients; the primary group is the working class of people who can afford to buy the automobile products and maintain them at the expected standards. This group will comprise of the newly employed white collar job workers who happen to fall in the age category of 23 years and 26 years old, and the

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