Thursday, October 17, 2019

Should abortion right be restricted Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Should abortion right be restricted - Essay Example Nobody can deny abortions in some cases while in other cases it is totally unnecessary to go for it. This topic involves concerns of biology, mortality and legal rights. Critiques of abortion argues that human life begins with conception and the abortion is nothing but a of killing a human being. So they consider abortion as an immoral and illegal issue. They keep a liberal attitude towards abortion in the case of rape, incest or when the mother’s health at risk. Proponents of abortion believe that a woman’s right to make decisions concerning her body and her future outweigh the rights of the fetus. One of the most controversial restrictions on abortion requires minors to notify or obtain the consent of at least one parent before having an abortion. All the living things in the world are one way or other give birth to their offspring. God has given the responsibility to all the living things, to live and sustain their species. So pregnancy is a natural process. A women’s life will be meaningful only when she conceives and give birth to a child. Her biological and psychological aspects demand the motherhood. It has been proved from some studies that breast feeding makes a mother happier and also that will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Religious organizations are the main critiques of abortion. As per their theory human being doesn’t have the right to kill the fetus. Children are the blessings given by the God. Conception is a blessing given by the God, we should not destroy it. God has definite plan towards all things and we should not question it. A person’s right to enjoy the facilities of the world should not be negated by deliberate human activities. We are living in this world since our mother did not go for the abortion and the same right should be given to the fetus. The ethical debate over abortion usually surrounds the issues of whether a fetus has rights, in particular a right to

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