Friday, October 4, 2019

Anishinabe Social Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Anishinabe Social Issues - Essay Example Being a tribe they had to overcome poverty, discrimination, and invasion and family biases to claim their identity. However, they still face some social issues as a minority in American society and they can be as below. Threat to culture and language – Being an older tribe of Northern America, the community find it difficult to preserve their culture and language. They were people living in natural environment and had spiritual beliefs. Since the invasion of Whites, the Anishinabe culture has been threatened. First they had to leave their homeland and then slowly they had to adapt the culture of Americans. They were alienating from the ancestral cultural beliefs and rituals and slowly became multi – cultural. Now the tribe is one the verge of assimilating to the American culture and losing their identity. Their language, religious beliefs, diet and customs all have changed to a large extend and they face a cultural identity crisis. This tribe is losing all their values and stand nowhere among the American society. Recognition from government - They don’t get the right recognition from the federal government and only some communities are considered as tribes by the government. The American government has not done anything credible to protect this tribe. Many children were removed from their homes for the purpose of education and this dismantled their family structure. Even the land allotment law was not of much help to the tribes. The children were forced to abandon their language and government did nothing to protect them. The tribe still does not have much recognition like other citizens. Anishinabe tribe still faces tension with the state government and country governments. They do not get full recognition from federal government. Anishinabe tribe is considered as a tribe by some state government however some state does not give much recognition to them. The band government formed by the tribes does not get much recognition

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