Friday, October 18, 2019

Case study for strategic management Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

For strategic management - Case Study Example Generally speaking, there are various strategies that Keurig Company has used to fuel growth. To mention, these strategies include introducing newer beverage categories, adopting newer distribution channels, using better brewer technologies and introducing new brands among others. To begin with, the company expanded its traditional Single Cup Brewing system to encompass the desires and wants of the customers. In other words, the company aimed at changing the consumer behavior through changing the way â€Å"that the company brewed and enjoyed coffee.† As such, the company expanded its consumer brands, used an effective distribution system and was excessively committed towards ensuring that there was incorporation of new brewing technologies and innovation. Notably important, Keurig’s external environment is filled up with factors which could impact the overall coffee industry. First, the existence of political instability in coffee production countries such as Ecuador and Venezuela due to governmental intent to increase coffee prices could affect the prices of raw material thus affecting the coffee industry as a whole. Equally, political forces may economic fluctuations brought about by the changes in coffee prices thus affecting both the suppliers and producers. Moreover, various cultures in the global context will prefer different types of coffee. For instance, whereas Americans would mostly prefer lowly concentrated coffee, the Europeans would mostly prefer smaller quantities of concentrated coffee. Thus, the different societal cultures would affect Keurig’s and other companies’ performance in the coffee industry. Consequently, the advancement of technology and innovation has impacted the coffee industry in various dimensions. For instance, due to the development of technology, Keurig managed to adopt a newer brewing Single Cup Brewing System

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