Friday, November 1, 2019

Comparative Paper Between the Bible and the Quran Research

Comparative Between the Bible and the Quran - Research Paper Example This essay stresses that one’s practical approach must be to agree on the issues on which there are no misunderstandings or disagreements. Be silent on other issues-either believe or disbelieve. Read them if you wish; do not read them if you do not wish. This is the practical example of mutual tolerance, which is applicable in the secular world also. Silence is the greatest virtue that can be practiced, when one senses tension on any issue, for human history is the witness—contentious issues have never been solved through violence or wars! This paper makes a conclusion that the differences and contentions about Noah’s flood etc. may not be a major issue as for the relationship between two faiths, but as we all know a tiny spark on religious misunderstandings may lead to a wild fire. The mind-level human sentiments are easily inflamed. This story about the flood and Noah’s Ark is one of the most read stories in the Bible. It involves tragedy and it is a story of salvation. The story of destruction of mankind and its re-growth kindles deep curiosity and gives the grim reminder as to what could have been the conditions and sufferings of all those affected, when a gigantic flood drowns them all. It raises serious questions about the then prevailing conditions in the society as to warrant such an action by God! It also instructs humanity to be away from the evil influences and lead a divine life, surrendering everything at the hands of the All-Merciful! He knows what is good for us in the given circumstances o f life!

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