Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Aging in the Workforce Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Aging in the Workforce - Research Paper Example The examination of Kooji’s article could easily bring a clear view of the mistakes that the different social groups do to solve the age sociological problems. Moreover, as Anderson et al. present their view on the medical problems, we come to realize that the medical problems that the aged people experience have a close link to the economic problems. It is because of the health issues in the elderly individual that result to the economic conundrum in the American society. As a person becomes sick, he will seek medical attention. That would require money and in the process of treatments there is a social interaction that builds up among the patients, the old who may be sick and the probably young doctors in the hospital. More sick aged people who are also sickling will also mean there will be the recruitment of more doctors that is also an economic problem. In conclusion, the three aspects have a very close relationship, and the summary above elucidate on these vital similarities. The table examined the key ideas in the works of the scholars that wrote the journals. Anderson, L., Goodman, R., Holtzman, D., Posner, S., & Northridge, M. (2012). Aging in the United States: Opportunities and challenges for public health. American Journal of Public Health, 102(3), 393-395.

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