Thursday, July 25, 2019

Organizational Innovation and Change D5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Organizational Innovation and Change D5 - Essay Example In an aim of expanding the organization and giving it a global image the bank has invested realized its social responsibility. It has invested in charity events and in the effort of improving the needless in society it has vented into Africa and Asia (Zell, 2008). The bank has been involved in the motivation of their employees. The bank has developed a culture in which the welfare of the employees is paramount. They have end month fan fairs and they pay their employees well. All employees are insured and housed or given house allowances. This intern increases the employees’ commitment (Tushman, 2006). The customers get satisfied due to good public relation; it is able to expand due to a large client base. The bank has also has also invested into technology and allows great idea this is there reason to its expansion. There are regulations that drive the financial sector consolidates is the result of 60 percent growth in terms of shares and asset. There banks vision statement has been realized to a percentage. The success is due to an organized team. The bank has portrayed the essence of the vision statement and how it’s used to drive the company forward. The bank has invested heavily and employed expertise to enable their success (Beerman, 2005). The vision statement should be the one driving a company towards the

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