Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Methodology of systematic review in health care ( Nursing ) Essay

Methodology of systematic review in health care ( Nursing ) - Essay Example The effectiveness of quality care can be measured through patient satisfaction levels. Providing quality of care in nursing is important because it determines the satisfaction of, patients, nurses and their families and the health care organization (Sherman, Clark & Maloney, 2008). Quality of care has been studied extensively. Research shows that standards must be upheld through comprehensive objectives and specific goals Al-Yousuf, (2002). As a rule it is important that nurses aim to deliver quality care at all times. In so doing patients’ psycho-social and physical well-being are enhanced and they have prompt discharge home from hospital. r. Unfortunately, quality of care is not always in evidence. Consequently patients suffer and feel dissatisfied (Daly et al., 2004) A case in point in the health care field is Dammam Hospitals. Although the quality of care being delivered is good, there is observational evidence from nursing leaders that this could be improved. This is furt her evidence by patients feed back obtained through survey results received from patient satisfaction. In Saudi Arabia, nursing organizations operate in a top-down fashion according to levels of authority. The structure of nursing starts with higher authority system control from the ministry and extends downward to the nursing directors in the hospitals, nursing supervisors, nursing staff, and finally, nursing assistants (nursing leaders does not seem to feature here) (Al-Yousuf, 2002). Since macro-politics do impinge on care, it is critical for nursing leaders to have a good grasp of political issues and how this in turn can impact on care. Parallel with this, nursing leaders needs to possess other specific attributes in the following domains such as decision-making skills, technology skills, interpersonal skills, team-building skills, organizational skills, and effective communication skills. As a nursing Leader

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