Thursday, September 19, 2019

speech from FDR in our perspective :: essays research papers

F.D.R. Speech Announcer: We interrupt you regular broadcasting, for an urgent word from your president. F.D.R.: Good evening fellow Americans. I speak to you tonight about an urgent issue. I have recently met with my council and advisors on the events in Europe. Japan, Germany and Italy have become axis powers, in the fight to defeat our ally, Great Britain. Together the axis powers have over-thrown much of Western Europe. We have passed the "cash-and-carry" on order to help Great Britain, by supplying when with weapon and such needed for their win. Recently, Britain has run out of cash to pay for our supplies. I have been informed that it may not be possibly for America to remain neutral in this war. In case of the axis powers defeating Great Britain; it is possibly that they may not stop there. There is a chance that Germany, Japan and Italy will extend their fight to the western hemisphere, capturing the US into their power and over-throwing democracy. We, the American people can not sit back and watch these three nations over-power this continent or the continent of Europe. We must fight for our people. We must fight for democracy. These axis powers are three powerful armies combined, and it is our belief that Great Britain can not defeat them single-handedly. We have tried to remain neutral and only supply Britain with supplies, as long as they pay cash and carry it home on their own ships. Now, this is not longer possible. German U-boats are constantly attacking Britain's supply ships, preventing supplies from getting there. Also, Britain no longer has the money to pay for these supplies. In entering this war, we could help Great Britain defeat these three powerful nations, and prevent the Untied States from future threat. In current meetings with advisors a plan has been made to ease the US into this war. Over a year ago, a selective training and service act was signed, established a peacetime draft, in preparation for this time. Germany has conquered many countries in Western Europe, including: Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and France. Soon after Italy joined Germany in the fight to take over Europe, Romania, Greece and Yugoslavia fell into the hands of Hitler and Missolini. In January of this year, the Lend-Lease Act was passed. This allows the United States the right to sell or lend war materials to countries fighting Germany, Japan and Italy.

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