Saturday, September 7, 2019

2 responses paper Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2 responses paper - Case Study Example Acceptance of the technology is a way in which the democracy is being overlooked, further dismissing it as unnecessary and inconveniencing. I do not concur with the article. Obviously, the issue is a contest between privacy and security. In resolving the issue, I think it is important for one to question what matters between the two. Here, the answer is simple; breaching the right to privacy is not as serious as disregarding security. For one obvious reason, whereas breaching privacy may only inconvenience people, overlooking the pertinence of security would not only cause inconveniences, but also lose of lives, in the case of terrorist bombing. Clearly, it is a contest that touches on the right to life, as well. In my view, a lot of people have lost lives as a result of terrorism. The memories of September 11 attacks are still fresh and speak loudly. Besides, It cannot be disputed that airport security remains one of the issues of serious concern for most airports in the world since it also touches on safety. As such, airport security comprises of various methods and techniques that are aimed at protecting aircrafts, a s well as airports from criminal activities. This way, security protects the travelers, the airport employees and the freight. Airport security is aimed at curbing criminal activities that pertain to hijacking, destruction of aircrafts and airports, and assault on employee and passenger. The Rutherford commentary covers the case of Brandon Raub, who was taken by FBI agents and forcibly detained in the psychiatric ward. The reason give is that Brandon posted song lyrics, as well as personal political views, on his Facebook page. According to the Commentary, the issue elicited a public outcry, demanding for his release. However, the court would still disregard the fact that the interpretations of the content on Facebook would be interpreted out of the context. Consequently,

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