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The Concept of Communication Style Essays -- Interpersonal Communicati

The Concept of Communication StyleThe concept of communication style has been defined by Rober Norton asthe way oneness verbally, nonverbally, and para verbally interacts to signal howliteral meaning should be taken, interpreted, filtered, orunderstood(1996.p.229) In this, Norton has identified nine communicator styles.A persons style may be dominant, dramatic, contentious, animated ,impressionleaving, relaxed, open, or friendly. These dimensions measure how you interactin various situations. For example, if I speak frequently and try to control theconverstaion, you might assume that I am dominant in my communicator style. In determining my own commuication style I had a questionnaire completedby both a friend, acquaintance , as healthy as completing one myself. The friendthat I chose was my room mate Ryan Seslow. . Ryan and I have been friends sincehighschool so he knows me very swell. The person that I chose to complete theacquaintance section was my friend Leslie Margasak. Leslie is my girlfriendsroommate therefore our communication is somewhat limited. Through the followingresearch and analysis I have created a table (Table1) that shows the means formy friend aquaitance, and myself. The summaries and findings in which I calculated provided me withinsight of my dominant yet friendly communication style. It also provided mewith a different spatial relation as to how other people interpret my communicationhabits. For example, the mean for myself on the category relaxed scored a 1.3.However, my friends mean was 3.1 and my acquaintance was 5.1. Through the textof Interpersonal Communication, I was able to determine that thisfluctuation has to do with the self concept theory. Self -concept is definedas each persons own subjective view or stunt man of him or herself as a person(tremont p.213) In my opinion I do non see myself as relaxed(1.3), but my frienddoes as well as acquaintance. I do non see as relaxed as the others indicatedin the table. Usu ally I feel rather more stressed and tear down a little nervousrather than relaxed when communicating. One calculation in which which I noticed to have simmialr realuts wasbased on the means for being dramtic. I scored high in this category on allthree surveys.(see table1) When a person is classified as dramatic it refersthat the person likes to act ... so by staying relaxed. I scored a relatively low mean inthe openess category and this is an area I would like to change. The meansshowed that I am not open nor am I percieved to be a very open person. Overall my communication style is very dominant, dramatic and friendly.Howvevr, despite this though Im not a very open person. I feel that mycommunication style does allow me to get people to listen to me closely becayseof my dramatics or mightiness to tell srotires in vivid detail and picturesqe. Iam animated and expressive when I feel the need to emphasize a point orstatement. This also helps my communication confiden ce since I know now thatwhat I say often does an considerable impact on those who I am communicatingwith. In conclusion I am very pleased with the data which I recorded. I nowunderstand my communciation style better yet at the same time have located areasin which I can begin to improve on. Through this assignment I learned a commodiousdeal about how I communcate as well as how others percieve my communicationstyle.References1.)Trenholm and Jensen, (1996). Intterpersonal Communication. Belmont,CAWadsworth Publishing Company.

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