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Nursing Theory Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Nursing Theory - Article ExampleThere atomic number 18 various classifications of treat theories which imply meta theory, grand, middle range and practice theories. These theories are descriptive, explanatory, predictive or prescriptive. Metatheory brings about the identification of specific phenomena by mean of abstract concepts. Grand theory gives provision of a theoretical construction under which the main concepts and principles of the topic can be recognized. Middle range theory is more precise. It examines a particular station with a moderate variable numbers (George, 2010). Nursing theories are useful in assessing patients conditions, identifying the patients needs, demonstrating an effective communication and fundamental interaction with the patient. The nursing practice theory provides the basis for nursing practice. Practice theory explores a particular situation in nursing and identifies clear goals and details of ways of achieving the goals (Masters, 2012). In this essay, focus is intently on the nursing caring theory which is fundamental and fits my nursing practice. The caring theory basically comprises of two vital inferential backgrounds of emotional response, and mutual and mutual interdependence. In this case, the ethics of care leads to the rejection of reasoning and judgements that are dispassionate and partial, that are dominant with the paradigms and models of bioethics (Parker, 2005). To be precise and more specific, we are going to select the Swanson Caring Theory. This is a middle-range theory, and as described earlier this theory is precise, examines a particular situation (in this case it is about caring), with somewhat limited variables ( The Swanson theory developed from the Carolina Care Model, at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. They designed the model so as to attending in the actualization of caring theory, support practices that uphold patient satisfaction, and bring a transformation in cu ltural norms. This is precisely what will enable the dealing the nursing trend of caring that is a botheration in my nursing practice. I suppose that the model and the theory are specifically vital for scrutinizing the issue at hand. Furthermore, evaluation has suggested that this approach to care delivery boosts the hospital experiences of patients and families and smoothes the show up of the desired outcome ( With the on-line(prenominal) practice setting, the theory presents itself as the guide to an ideal caring practise in comparison the watercourse situation in care delivery. The Swanson theory may possibly be remarkable in accelerating the progress towards the ideal in caring. The structure offers an articulate explanation of the relations between caring processes and the patients well-being ( The sub dimensions of every process at a deeper level, offer proposals for what can be through with(p) to create the correlation connecting th eory and practice to be comprehensible and valuable to clinicians. Caring theory suggests that nurses wake they care about patients is as imperative to patient well-being as caring for them via clinical means e.g. prevention of infections and administration of medications. The implementation of this model would be an approach to actualization of caring theory across a health care firm through systematic incorporation of interventions linking nursing actions, caring processes, and expectations ( Overview of get a line demographic data, health issues and diagnoses within the populations The region where we offer our nursing services is cosmopolitan. They are people from variant cultural and racial backgrounds. They are from different dialects, hold different

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