Sunday, April 28, 2019

Personal Application Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Personal Application Assignment - Essay ExampleThis designation thence required extensive coordination and interaction with different employees working in my department and supernumerarycting information from them. For me the starting signal part of extracting the information was easy however, to actually convince people to cooperate with me was a difficult task. This was in general due to the fact that people realized that the new departs may be detrimental to their overall travel progression as well as may render them redundant for the firm. The fear of change was therefore so strong that I started to face the resistance even before the process was completed and the changes recommended were implemented. This endure made me realize the importance of managing the people side of the change as it incessantly requires some extra effort to actually convince people that the overall change may be in the kick upstairs of the employees as well as the organization.Looking back at th at episode, I came to realize the importance of how the change can actually create the resistance even if that change is in favor of the employees in bulky term. What is significant alike is the assumption that people always take change in negative connotations thence not fully understanding as to how this change can actually benefit them and their career. I always believed that change is the only constant for the businesses to successfully operate in the current competitive business environment. In order to successfully develop the core competencies, businesses will therefore have to adapt to the new changes and their employees shall also understand the wider consequences of being com valuent and how it can affect their own careers.Though the employees realized that the changes which may took place after the process of re-engineering may be beneficial for them as the same could offer them an opportunity to farther develop their skills and match them

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