Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Global Warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Global Warming - Essay ExampleEach of these sh areholders has something to gain or to put up based upon their own interpretation and as such this topic has been a particularly messy sensation to understand and to define. Accordingly, this brief essay leave behind attempt to briefly analyze this monolithic problem through the lens of one particular article that promotes the apprehension that global warming is in fact something of a hoax. The article, entitled The Global Warming Conundrum discusses the fact that something of a a middle path to this on-going debate that has been raging and consuming valuable time in the process should be engaged. Furthermore, this reason will seek to make a determination with regards to the question of whether human action or natural causes best(p) explains the climate fluctuations that major planet earth has juvenilely been chronicling. Lastly, as a function of the previous points of discussion and epitome, the author will attempt to proscrib e a reasonable and performable set of steps and solutions which both the scientific partnership and the world at large could and should seek to employ as a function of ameliorating the tautness on planet earth and the issues at hand. Furthermore, as a means of bringing such an understanding about, the analysis will also rely upon relevant scientific publications on the topic as wellspring as verifiable statistics and charts concerning overall levels of climate change and corresponding increases in CO2 emissions by creation over the past several decades. However, noting the global climate change is an issue is not, in and of itself sufficient. As such, the analysis will also consider the rapidly increasing demand that fossil fuels have been projected to absorb over the next several decades and posit a potential alternative to further environmental adulteration (Fowler 43). Firstly, the author of the article presents contrary point of spate that strongly believes that the swing s in climate change are the direct result of the presence of high amounts of human CO2 in the atmosphere that is causing a greenhouse effect on the planet and thereby causing world temperatures to rise. Prima fascia of this blood line is the belief that human CO2 emissions are responsible for the changes to the global climate. It follows therefore that those which ascribe to this point of view are the most vehement that drastic and immediate changes to the manner in which human beings interact with planet earth and seek to use her resources in order to achieve a high standard of life be re-assessed as a function of whether such practices are best for the future health and length of service of the planet. However, the biggest drawback to this particular line of reasoning is the fact that the overall extent to which human CO2 factors into the percentage of primitive CO2 generated by planet earth on a yearly basis is so minuscule as to be laughable. Indeed, numerous studies have co nvincingly noted that human CO2 emissions only answer for for around 4% of total earth CO2 release in any given schedule year. Although this by no means relieves humans of their responsibility towards the planet, it does however help put into perspective the very(prenominal) scope of this problem and the means by which it should be sought to be rectified. The problem with this point of view, as the article indicates, is of course the fact that the main causal factors for global climate change with respect to the recent changes in temperature patterns have not been considered. For instance, there is a preponderance of evidence that the size and heat the sunshine generates is of course non-uniform and varies depending on the level of solar flares and solar storm activity. As such, scientists have noted that beyond CO2

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